View north from the Iwatesan Yakebashiri Lava Flow
Mt. Iwate in stormy weather
View of Mt. Iwate from Hachimantai
A momentary light beam of Mt. Iwate
Sunset of Kakumanbuchi, Akagi.
Mt. Komagatake, Akagi, colored in the setting sun.
A road separating forest.
A sunset glow at meadow with lingering snow
The sunset glow of the southern foothill of Mt. Iwate.
Mt. Takakura from the southern foothill of Mt. Iwate
The southwestern part of Mt. Iwate
Mt. Bandai and moon
Mt. Mizugakiyama in autumn.
Mt. Mizugakiyama in stormy weather.
The Tei stream at the Ohahara Marsh.
Trees at the Ohahara Marsh.
Trees and autumn sky at the Ohahara Marsh.
The southern foothill of Yatsugatake mountain range.
An autumn scene at the Ohahara Marsh of Mt. Nyukasayama.
Mt. Nyukasa Marsh in autumn.
Mt. Nyukasa Marsh in autumn.  Composition of vertical and horizontal lines.
The Yatsugatake mountain range in autumn.
Mt. Yatsugatake.
Mountain layering of the Oku-Chichibu.
A moment of morning sunlight at the hillside in early autumn.
Distant view towards Chichibu town from the hillside of Mt. Minoyama
Distant view from Mt. Dodaira
A distant view from the pasture
Mists rising up αt valley village after thunderstorm.
Golden mountain layers after a thunderstorm.
One morning on the grassy hill, Hirano Oka
Rain clouds over Mt. Kasa
Panoramic view from the mountain path to the Tanashita-Fudou Waterfalls
End of autumn leave season in Mt. Akagi
Autumn of Mt. Akagi
The lakeside of Lake Kawaguchi commands a distant view of Mt. Hafusan
The lakeside of Lake Kawaguchi commands a distant view of Mt. Kenashi
Wild cherry blossoms in Tokigawa
Mt. Kasa in the Oku-Musashi mountain area
A valley towards the north and near mountains with partially cherry blossoms
The God of the mountains in early spring sunlight
Water drops in the gorge
A mountain village and Mt. Ryokami in the distance
Green grass field and snaking road
Houses in the sunlight on mountain slope
Green grassland and trees waiting for spring
Trees on a round mountain behind grassland
One light on the cliff
Kamakura and Zushi marina
A small village at Uenohara
Panorama of Mt. Gongen
Poppy field in winter
Kanto mountain range
Gentle slope of Mt. Jimba
A distant view of Mt. Shari
Mt. Bandai covered with snow