Kazushige Wada

Birth place: Tokyo.

University: School of Marine and Science and Technology of Tokai university, Dr. Science.

Works: I had been working for a mining consulting company as a geophysicist for more than 35 years.  For the last four years in my career at the company, I had served as a president.  Then, I had been an executive adviser for one year.  Since April, 2021, I have been supporting the company as a technology advisor. 

Favorites: '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Cold mountain', 'Homeland', 'Gipsy Kings', 'Illapu', 'The Undertaker', Orchid, Jared Diamond, 'Isle of Jura 16 Year Old (DIURACHS' OWN)'.

​History of my photography:

My interests and feeling of awe-inspiring of nature grew when I was just a junior high school student.  It affected my choice of academic fields and job hunting.  You will find such my feeling by seeing my photographs.  Here, let me introduce my experience to develop technical aspects of photography. 

I started to incline a photography world by introducing a small drone.  At the beginning, I had been enjoying flight operations in open fields and riverbed near my house.  Soon, I was strongly impressed by panorama photographing created by stitching nearly a hundred photos covering 360-degree directions around the drone.  

In parallel with the drone operations, I started video shooting by the GoPro Fusion, whose stitched 360-degree video can be manually controlled.  It was not long before I attached the 360-degree camera to the drone.  

Then, I felt a strong needs to acquire a full-fledged photography techniques and related backdrops.  To me as a self-taught photographer, the "Photography Life" site founded by Nasim Mansurov became my bible regarding this field.  I am studying the photography fundamentals, shooting technology, the peripheral devices and so forth from the site. 

Since I purchased the mirrorless DSLR camera, I have focused landscape, 360-degree panorama, HDR, focus-stacking, long-exposure, hyper time-lapse, star-trailing photography, etc.  Though I've been puzzled by its wide range of techniques, I have been studying tons of items while having fun.     

Now, I devoted myself into a world of nature photography and founded my portfolio site, "TerraPictures", to present my photos, time-lapse videos and so forth, in December, 2019. From 2020, I'm in activity of providing visual support services for public welfare such as museums and sales promotion supports for small-business owners using 360 panorama and related technologies.  In August,2020, I founded 360 panorama photography site, Panorax, then closed the site after a half year.  Google Street View certificated professional photographer (February, 2020). Number of the visitors of the Google Street View was over 1,000,000 in March, 2021.

I wish you would enjoy those products.  Of course, I welcome your comments and requests.

Started the site in December, 2019 and revising the content, regularly (the latest version: April, 2021 ).