Autumn sky at the Ohahara Marsh.
Ray beams in beginning of autumn.
Sunset sky just after rainy season.
Light beam just after the rainy season.
Light rays over Chichibu town before α heavy thunderstorm
Heavy rainfall approaching Chichibu town
Coloring thundercloud.
A sunset at Mt. Kengamine, No.2
A sunset at Mt. Kengamine, No.1
A glow in the morning sky beside Lake Biwa
Light of the opposite lakeside
A morning light at glass land
A sunrise glow after long time absence
Sunrise in Kushikino harbor before the typhoon
Sunset at Hirano-oka, Tokorozawa
A late autumn dawn at Sayama
Clouds above the Sayama Water Reserve in May.
Rural scene in late autumn 1
Rural scene in late autumn 2
A spring cloud in front of Seiten-in, Koma Shrine
See a glimpse of cirrocumulus cloud through trees in Sayama
Dramatic cloud of summer sky reflects on the water surface like a mirror
Panorama of an autumn sky in Sayama
Terrible thunderstorm
A distant view of mountains from the top of Mt. Dodaira
A distant view of city areas from Mt. Dodaira
One full moon morning at Sayama
A contrail crossing light of the full moon
Double halos in Jogashima Island
Iridescent clouds
Autumn cirrus in Izumo
Sunset on the peak
Autumn sunset at Sayama
Descending light from clouds
A morning dawn of Sayama
A faint sun pillar
Sea of clouds, Mt. Akagi
A moment of clear sky in rainy season