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Panorax : 360 panoramas for your business


Panorax supports photographing on-ground and aerial 360 panoramas, connected tour creation, uploading Google Street Map, and/or establishing specific websites for VR tours using the 360 panoramic photos.  

Step 1: High quality panoramic photography 

A high-quality panoramic photo capturing by HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging procedure is made in the target area such as small shops, restaurants, exhibition halls, public facilities, field sites, and so on using DSRL cameras/drones on universal panorama head on the stiff tripod.

Step 2 : Connection with a series of panoramic photos

Series of stitched panoramic photos are connected with other panoramas and are linked to related descriptions, photos, other websites, and videos such as YouTube, and is finally created as an attractive VR tour, composed of several panoramas and related information.  

​Step 3: Uploading to Google Street View/web sites

Created panorama tours are uploaded to Google Street View and/or customer's specific web servers to provide high quality and attractive panoramic VR tours of your business and activities for your clients, leading potential visitors and future customers.

Target clients

Our potential fields are very wide covering shops, exhibition halls, restaurants, public facilities like museums or concert halls and so forth.   Panorax's panoramic VR tours will be your powerful tools for attracting your customers' interests in your business.  Panorax will support your activities and business, increasing new sales, supporting educational and scientific presentation approaches for your targets such as small business owners, local people, students, academic scientists, etc.  


Panorax is a brand name of TerraPictures founded in July 2020 to provide new content creation services integrating 360 panorama photos and related information. 


Please feel free to contact us.

Kazushige Wada, founder of Panorax

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  • Kazushige Wada
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